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current projects:

Ruimtes / Spaces

Movement and Image-2

Studies of a figure in a space

Movement and Image-1


older work:

Eclipse (performance, 2009, Nicolas Rapaic, Het Nationale Ballet)

Veils (research project, 2008)

Under-presence (performance, 2007, Seon-ja Seo)

The Experience (video, 2007)

On the side of error (performance, 2007)

The desire to become an indian (video, 2007)

Dos-a-Dos (research project, 2004)

The Night, the Other and the Impossible (research project, 2004)

Accumulating Light (video, 2003)

The Rustle of Being (video, 2002)

Returning / Terugkeren (internet project, 2001)

Disappearing / De Verdwijning (video installation, 1999)



Towards an understanding of presence (in theatre) as movement within and between bodies (text, 2008)



in the visual field