Studies of a figure in a space


Location specific performance-project exploring acts of staging, screening and framing, and shifts between 2- and 3-dimensionailty. Inspired by the work of Alberto Giacometti and Francis Bacon.

(…) I am looked at, that is to say, I am a picture.
(Jacques Lacan)

We nearly always live through screens – a screened existence. And I sometimes think, when people say my work looks violent, that perhaps I have from time to time been able to clear away one or two of the veils or screens.
(Francis Bacon)

direction/video: Bram Vreeswijk
performance: Alfredo Fernandez
music: Machinefabriek


13 november 2009, Illuseum, Amsterdam.


Reaction of Alfredo Fernandez on the work:
Besides the themes used for the piece, two main aspects triggered my interest during the research.
One related to my identification as a performer under the concept of being (on stage) as human being performing with and within very precise parameters.
The challenge lied between being a performer which performance is about being, rather than performing.
When does it stops to be a concept to become a reality? Can I really release myself from any identification to be performing? Is it perceived by the audience?

The other aspect related to composition and to the making process which used conventional methods of work yet felt totally unconventional.
All scenes were precisely set, and researched subtle movements emerging from a specific 'states of being' as aforementioned. The search for precision and detail laid in the subtle aspects of inner balance between physical, mental and psychological relationship, and this again in relationship to (the actual) space and people (the audience).
A process between precision and freedom...
This subtle and difficult practice requires to me a new (and still strange) sort of virtuosity.


23 april 2010, Arti et Amicitiae (festival: 'In the evidence of experience'), Amsterdam.